Raja Mahendran helps clients worldwide to experience solid business growth in the shortest time even in turbulent times. 
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International  Pest Business Consultant
 Raja Mahendran, International Pest Business Consultant is the Go To Person for innovators, manufacturers and service providers from pest control, crop protection, animal health, hospitality and food processing industries to fast grow their business and enhance their professionalism with the least investment. Raja has a passion to transform the pest control industry from managing pests to become managers of risks from pests be they in buildings, or on crops or on or near farm animals. Raja has a Masters in entomology, Pest Control License from NSW Australia and Certification from the USA and Australia in Pest Control. He has led turn around and transformation teams for global market leaders in Pest Control, Animal Health and Crop Protection based out of three continents. He is today the vital bridge for companies in pest control, food processing, hospitality, manufacturers of pest control products and agricultural inputs for exports to reach their objectives in the shortest ti
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