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The principal of this business is Raja Mahendran. After obtaining his Master of Science degree in Entomology, he  started his career as a pest controller in Sri Lanka and later became a licensed pest controller in Australia. He has worked and consulted to Fortune 500 companies and others who are leaders in pest management. Raja has one of the largest network of professionals in the pest control industry to help you reach any market in the world and has the resources to provide you with the latest techniques in pest management, individual transformation, corporate transcendence that will help you stand out from the crowd, maximize your sales, profits and professional image in double quick time.

In the past 30 years he worked for two leading multinational manufacturers in the pest control industry and was based in Australia, France and Switzerland in global marketing and strategic management positions. More recently he was engaged to be Regional Business Manager for an American leader in termite baiting technology to develop the business in Asia and based in Singapore.

He has developed and implemented creative and innovative turn around and growth strategies for Bayer and Novartis both at a global and country level, launched several pest control and farm hygiene products including insecticides, termiticides, rodenticides and disinfectants and supported the range with high impact promotions and training. His last working assignment was with Ensystex Inc in Singapore where he developed a close knit team of Country Managers and maximized sales in a short term. Raja has experience training Pest Management Professionals in every continent around the world. His approach to help corporate transcendence by individual transformation through small group participation and training is highly acclaimed. 

Having maximized sales, margins, market development, branding and strategic positioning for the multinationals, coaching pest management professionals to excel and stand out from the crowd, with Pest Management qualifications from Purdue USA, TAFE Australia, Pest Control License from NSW Australia and having participated in several strategic management (MGSM) and strategic marketing (Harvard) programs Raja is equipped with the latest techniques in marketing, strategy, sales. management, organization and planning to help grow manufacturers, distributors, pest management professionals and the pest control industry.

  • Strategic Marketing Program
            (Harvard Business School)
  • Strategic Management Program
            (MGSM Australia)
  • M.Sc Entomology 
  • B.Sc Bioscience
  • 30 years international exp.
  • Bayer Business Unit Manager
  • Bayer Global Portfolio Manager
  • Novartis  Global Brand Manager
       •  Ensystex Regional Manager Asia
International Pest Consultant | Basel, Switzerland - Operating  Worldwide
Phone: +41765497661 raja@pestconsultant.com
Recent Achievements:
  • Strategic Analysis of the Top 4 Non Crop Pest Control Product Mananufacturers
  • Acquisition Target Strategic Analysis for world's largest Non Crop Company
  • New segment Market Entry Strategy for global leader in  Rodenticides
  • Strategic Analysis of Termiticide Market and Market Entry strategy
  • Acquisition Target Analysis for major Non Crop Company in the USA
  • Global Distribution for two leading Termite Detection Systems
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International Pest Business Consultant
Raja Mahendran helps clients worldwide to experience solid business growth in the shortest time even in turbulent times. 
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