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Urban Pest Control by Dr Partho Dhang is much more than a book on Pest Control. It is actually an encyclopedia on pest control presented so concisely in one book. 

In my 35 year career in the pest control industry around the world with pest control manufacturers and pest control service companies, I have never come across a book on pest control written with the pest control practitioner in mind as brilliantly as Dr Partho Dhang has done in his book. 

In recent times I have never read a pest control or science book cover to cover. But with Urban Pest Control I found it truly amazing that after opening I could not put it down and finished reading it cover to cover over the weekend. 

I highly recommend the book because Urban Pest Control is not only a treasure trove of knowledge in pest control. The contents offer practical advice and motivate the reader to provide Integrated Pest Management with the environment in mind. A truly global pest control book with contents valid for any country. Urban Pest Control by Dr Partho Dhang is a great contribution for the advancement of the pest control industry worldwide. 

Raja Mahendran
International Pest Business Consultant

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